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We could talk about the quality and comfort of our vehicles, the wide array of lodges and tented camps we can access, our perfect review record on Trip Advisor, or our responsive communication, but it really comes down to two big differences-our people and our cost.

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We make it easy to experience the trip of your dreams

We’re here in Tanzania, and know everything that’s happening in all the major parks and regions in real time. We’ve been guiding trips for almost 20 years, and deeply understand the nuances of each potential location. We know all the best lodges and tented camps, the best time to go to each place, and how long you might spend in each. We also have access to “off the beaten path” experiences that are truly unforgettable, including visits with ancient tribes that no other company has access to. We handle all of your logistics other than your air travel and take the worry out of planning an adventure so far away.

Most importantly, because this is a private safari built just for you, you won’t be shoehorned into someone else’s idea of a good trip. Whether you are traveling with your spouse or parents, children and friends, or a large group, we make it easy to be delighted.

Our People



Ibrahim Andrew,
Guide Operator

More than likely, your safari will be guided by Abi, the founder of Safari Sasa. Abi has been running trips for over 20 years as a tracker and a guide and is an expert on wildlife who was elected to serve as the Coordinator of the Tanzania Tour Guide Association and has trained dozens of other guides. He has an uncanny ability to spot wildlife, get you in the best position to see it, the perfect picture spot, and explain fascinating aspects of what you are witnessing.

He has deep connections to various remote tribes that make for fascinating enhancements to your trip. He is conversant about the history of Tanzania, its people and its culture. But most of all, he has a joyful demeanor and a passion that infuses each trip with positivity, fun and wonder. You will spend hours and hours with your guide. You want someone who will make all the little things more enjoyable.



Deborah Geisler,
Managing Director
Trip Planner

In planning your trip, you will likely talk to Deb, Abi’s partner. Deb was born in the United States and lived there until she fell in love with Tanzania and its people. She understands the kinds of questions and concerns you are likely to have, and is committed to ensuring you have a safe, comfortable and wonder-filled experience.


Our Cost

We are generally priced

25% less

than other private safari experiences offered by overseas agencies.

Why? Because you are dealing directly with the owners, and not paying a middleman agency for their sales fee. We have the same access to remarkable lodges and tented camps, the same great food, the same great vehicles, the same trustworthy track record, but there’s no middleman, or huge corporate overhead. And when you are on the trip, Abi has the power to do everything possible to ensure you have the experience on your life.

Our Vehicles

Our Vehicles We use well maintained newer Toyota Land Cruisers with extended cabs, roof hatches and enlarged pop out windows for easy game viewing and professional photographing. Each seat reclines and has a recharging outlet for added comfort and convenience.


We create a more special experience because:

  • You deal with the owners.
  • You can feel confident because we’ve been doing this for more than 15 years and have an amazing roster of thrilled clients
  • One of the most experienced, admired guides in Tanzania, Abi
  • Completely personalized/flexible itinerary (not shoehorned into someone else’s idea of a good experience
  • Wide array of lodges and tented camps
  • New comfortable vehicles
  • With you every step of the way, not just in planning, but when you are there.
  • Cost 25% less -You save money because you don’t pay a middle man.
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