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Giving back to our local community

UKOMBOZI is a self-help collective in Tanzania of widows and their children who have been impoverished and marginalized by their husbands’ death from AIDS. Most of the women and some of their children are also infected. All are struggling to support their families and pay for housing, medications, transportation, and education. However, their first priority is their children’s school fees. Your donation for school fees will enable these children to have vocational opportunities and to escape from poverty.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” ~ Anne Frank

We are proud to contribute to local community projects, donating a portion of our profit and allowing our guests to witness the resilient spirit and warm hearts of the Tanzanian people firsthand. Your adventure with us means a lot for the Ukombozi organization.

Women helping women raise their children

  • A contribution of $75 will pay for primary school expenses.
  • Contributions of $300 and $600 will pay for secondary and college expenses.
  • A contribution of any amount can help provide an education to these children and move them towards an adult life of self-sufficiency.
For more information, you may email Deborah Geisler at

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