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Customized Tanzanian Safaris

“Wonderful experience”
“Best safari of my 6 safari experiences in Africa”
“I loved the guides!”
– Chickyskids New Jersey, USA

Best safari experience out of 6 trips

Over the past 30 years, I’ve been fortunate to spend 3 months on safaris in Tanzania(3x), South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. My experience with “Abi” (Ibrahim Andrew), owner of Safari Sasa, was the best one yet- by far. If you are trying to figure out which company to trust with your dream trip, I wholeheartedly urge you to book with him.

I previously met Abi 7 years ago when I complained about the guide assigned to me and my daughter at one of the Serengeti camps, and they brought Abi in as a replacement. In our two days together, he impressed me not just with his unbelievable knowledge of the wildlife and country, but his positive, passionate love for what he does and his heartfelt desire to ensure we had the very best experience possible.

This time around, my wife and I wanted to take our 4 kids- ages 15-24- on a family trip of a lifetime. I called Abi directly this time and he planned out everything. There was no need to go through a middle man/agency. He helped figure out where to go and how long to stay in each place. He had a wide array of lodges and tented camps to choose from. He also arranged a couple of visits to local tribes way off the beaten path (not the typical tourist ones) with Masai and prehistoric Bushman that were unexpectedly awesome (we weren’t too psyched initially, wanting to focus on the wildlife, but they were great, fascinating additions to our trip.) He picked us us right at the airport handled every single thing we needed.

He was unbelievably great with our kids, who LOVED him. He kept them interested, made it fun, and his positivity and passion was a lesson all in itself. He even got a big kick when they serenaded a Simba high up on a rock with “the lion sleeps tonight”. What’s more, he has an eagle eye for spotting wildlife, is a master at maneuvering to get you the best position to see and photograph the animals, and is on great terms with many of the other guides, so they let him know by radio where they’ve spotted stuff.

Best of all, because we dealt directly with him and not through an agency, our trip cost 25% less than other quotes I received.

I know Abi does custom trips for groups as few as two people all the way up to up to 35, and his partner Deb (from Philadelphia originally) is delightful as well. If you’d like to talk to me about our experience, by all means message me. I’m back in New Jersey sipping on the coffee they gave us as going away presents, and I am so thankful we had this experience.