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Our mission is to provide you with a joyful experience of the incredible wildlife and diverse people of Tanzania.

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Safari Sasa means safari now!”, and now is the time to book your dream safari…

For 20 years, Safari Sasa has shared the amazing sites, experiences and people that make Tanzania the world’s greatest Safari destination. We are a Tanzanian-owned and operated safari company, and it would be our honor to introduce you to a world filled with awe, thrill, and enchantment.The journey of Safari Sasa took root with a vision: to share Tanzania’s untold tales and unparalleled natural beauty with the world through an authentic experience. One that was not only intimate and genuine but also affordable. While the bigger agencies showcased the well-trodden paths, we sought the untouched corners, the hidden gems, and the heartwarming stories of local communities that had, for so long, been the gatekeepers of Tanzania’s secrets.

Our founder, Ibrahim “Abi” Andrew, has been a senior guide for many of the country’s top companies before setting out on his own to create more fulfilling, customized tours of his beloved country. Along with Deborah “Deb” Geisler, our managing director, he’s worked tirelessly to craft unique safari experiences that showcase the best of Tanzania, creating joyful moments and lasting memories. The expert guides of Safari Sasa are truly fluent in the language of the wild, having spent years exploring the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro, Tarangire, and other untouched landscapes. They’ve forged connections with the wildlife, learned the secrets of the terrain and the proverbs passed down through generations, and are ready to impart those tales to you. Their experience is matched only by their enthusiasm to make your journey as personal and vibrant as possible.

Our calling became evident, we were to craft personalized safari experiences that integrated adventure and peace, to ensure that travelers didn’t just witness Tanzania but truly experienced it. We committed ourselves to providing our travelers with the different sceneries that would build memories that would last for a lifetime. All this, at prices 25% lower than most big names in the industry. We believe that every traveler deserves an adventure tailored to their dreams, aspirations, and budgets.

We have a wide range of offer for different lodges and tented camps. Our local partners, the communities we work with, add an essential layer to our story. We believe that sustainable tourism must include the welfare and growth of local communities and indeed, also environmental protection.

Safety, for us, is not just a term but an assurance of tranquility for our guests, so they can enjoy their adventure journey. We took it upon ourselves to guide them, to keep them informed, and to ensure their health and well-being during their Tanzanian journey. It’s a testament to our dedication that while Tanzania blossomed as a hub for tourists, we remained the chosen storytellers for many.

“Sasa” in Swahili translates to “now.” And that’s precisely the essence of our brand – to experience the present moment, to immerse oneself in the here and now. Our journey began with a simple idea: to present Tanzania not as a mere tourist destination but as a living, breathing tapestry of stories, wonders, and soul-stirring moments.


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