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Planning the best safari

Our owners consult with you to build the most memorable experience. We’ll consider:
  • How long you have for this adventure
  • Your group size and purpose
  • The kind of wildlife you most want to see
  • Whether you’d like an authentic experience visiting remote tribal villages
  • The time of year you can come (big impact on where to spend your time)
  • Any physical limitations
  • The type of lodges or tented camps you might enjoy
  • The budget you want to spend
Then we put together a personal plan for you with lots of options. And don’t worry if you don’t have the answers to these questions. By the time we’re done talking, you will. Call us
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Why Private Safaris are better

Have you ever been seated at a dinner party with someone you don’t like? Now imagine that happens for a week or more in a crowded safari vehicle. Not fun.

A private tour ensures you, your friends or your family will be taken where you want when you want. Don’t feel like keeping to that day’s plan? We’ll improvise.

Want to start earlier or later? No problem. Want to spend extra time looking at elephant babies rather than leave to track down an elusive leopard, or vice versa? – no sweat.

Our private safaris offer flexibility and personalized attention ensuring that your African adventure unfolds exactly the way you want.


We make it easy to experience the trip of your dreams

We know that sorting out all your options can be a daunting task. With Safari Sasa, it doesn’t need to be.
We handle all of your logistics other than your air travel and take the worry out of planning an adventure so far away.
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Five Things to Know Before Choosing a Safari Company

  1. With rare exceptions, most European and US based agencies subcontract with local Tanzanian guides and operations. You pay a surcharge for booking through them.
  2. Most of the lodges and tented camps you stay at aren’t owned by the booking agency; they are accessible no matter which safari company you use.
  3. Some companies put their guides on strict limits of how long they can spend on wildlife drives to save petrol and wear and tear on the vehicles.
  4. Your trip is frequently planned by a person who might have visited Tanzania a few times and is giving you second hand information.
  5. There can be high turnover in advisory staff and guides working for many of these companies.

How to book my safari with Safari Sasa

  1. Consultation Let’s discuss your possibilities and answer all your questions. Schedule a call or zoom meeting,or send us an email. Our safari experts will listen and offer professional advice to match your preferences.
  2. Itinerary Let’s create your unique itinerary: From defining the destinations that exceed your expectations, selecting accommodation and vehicles according to the group size, to planning daily activities and mealtime options of your preference, we will cover all aspects meticulously.
  3. Proposal We’ll draft a detailed proposal outlining your tailor-made safari – destinations, accommodations, activities, and more.
  4. Fine/tuning We’ll work together to fine-tune your itinerary, ensuring your African adventure fits your expectations to the last detail.
  5. Confirmation Once you’re completely happy, confirm your booking.
  6. Payment We arrange the forms of payment.

Let’s Design your unique safari adventure

We’re here to tailor each moment to your desires. Click ‘Easy Start’ button to begin crafting a journey of a lifetime in Tanzania.

Your dream safari awaits!